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GPE4P – Parking system Economy

The parking system Economy represents an economically advantageous solution of the car park traffic management, with minimum requirements for employees. The system provides automated collection of parking fees, high security and control over the car park.

Automatic road barrier

GPB – Automatic road barrier

The automatic road barrier is designed for the control of entries and exits of vehicles to/from car parks and roads. Due to the top-quality manufacturing and compact construction solution, the barrier is predetermined for the traffic control in areas with extremely demanding use.

Entry and exit terminal

GPE4T – Entry and exit terminal

The GPE4T terminals are used as check-in/out points for automatic entry and exit of vehicles. The design of both the entry and exit terminal cabinets is the same; their specific use depends on the peripherals installed in the front panel.

Automatic pay station

GPE4M – Automatic pay station

Automatic pay station is designed for unattended collection of parking fees. The robust execution, quality of materials and security system provide the product with good protection against vandalism and unauthorized access.


  • material: zinc coated steel metal plate of the 2.5 mm thickness
  • surface treatment: polyester powder coating
  • dimensions: 350 × 300 × 1085 mm (without the arm)
  • weight: 72 kg
  • arm length: 1 – 6 m
  • time of movement: 1 – 5 s (depending on the arm length and the speed module type)
  • power consumption in the idle state: 5.2 W (without a detector)
  • maximum power consumption: motor 250 W (electrical spike 5 A)
  • control: microprocessor, with frequency regulation

Optional Accessories

  • speed module
  • two-chamber semaphore
  • two channel external vehicle presence detector
  • safety photocell
  • barrier arm equipped with swing-off mechanism
  • knuckle mechanism
  • protective rubber stripe
  • arm lighting
  • barrier skirt (aluminium)
  • fixed support of barrier arm
Road Barrier
Lever mechanism equipped with a coil spring View product gallery
Lever mechanism equipped with a coil spring
Two-chamber semaphore View product gallery
Two-chamber semaphore


  • material: zinc coated steel metal sheet of the 2 mm thickness
  • surface treatment: polyester powder coating
  • dimensions: 282 × 274 × 1170 mm
  • weight: 30 kg
  • power consumption in the idle state: 20 W
  • maximum power consumption: 195 W (150 W power supply + 45 W heating)
  • control: microprocessor
  • display: alphanumeric LCD display (2 × 20 characters)

Entry terminal variant

  • equipped with a bar code printer
  • equipped with a contactless card reader

Exit terminal variants

  • equipped with a bar code reader
  • equipped with a contactless card reader

Optional accessories

  • graphic LCD display (320 × 240 px)
  • motorized reader of parking cards
  • intercom
Entry and exit terminal
Terminal front panel View product gallery
Terminal front panel
Terminal front view View product gallery
Terminal front view


  • material: zinc coated steel metal plate of the 2 mm thickness
  • surface treatment: polyester powder coating
  • dimensions: 480 × 412 × 793 mm (without the base)
  • weight: 62 kg (without the base)
  • maximum power consumption: 550 W (150 W power supply + 400 W heating)
  • control: microprocessor
  • display: colour graphic LCD display (320 × 240 px)
  • control: 4 buttons
  • optionally cash and non-cash payments
  • installation – floor or wall mounting
  • receipt printing
  • “lost parking card“ function
  • the automatic pay station can be fully replaced by the manual pay station (a mobile device with an installed software application)

Automatic pay station variants

  • equipped with a coin changer and a banknote reader
  • equipped with a banknote recycler Optional accessories

Optional accessories

  • terminal for the accepting of contactless payment cards
  • intercom
  • base of different height (550 mm for the payment at the exit, 700 mm for wheelchair access, 900 mm for common use)
Automatic Pay Station
Contactless card reader View product gallery
Contactless card reader
Bar code reader View product gallery
Bar code reader

About Team Green center

Since the commencement of its business activity in the year 1992, GREEN Center has been engaged in the area of parking systems. However, the beginning of the experience with these systems goes back to the year 1988. On the basis of repair and maintenance service activities carried out for a foreign parking system producer and with regard to the need of good quality, comfortable and affordable parking system, in the year 1995, GREEN Center started the development of its own parking system: GPP BC - Compact (GPP – GreenPro Park). Gradually, individual components from other suppliers were replaced by components produced by GREEN Center (e.g. road barriers). Finally, in the year 1999, the company became a supplier of a complete product of its own development and production. Since 2001, the production has been centralized in the GREEN Center assembly and production plant in Dvůr Králové. In the year 2013, a new product line – the GP4P Variant parking system – was introduced to the market and is now supplied simultaneously with the GP3P Variant system.

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